Harry + Rachael Engagement

November 10, 2014  •  3 Comments

Love is a splendored thing... Especially when the perfect scene comes together to show the beauty of its growth.  Today we bring Harry and Rachael to the blog.  They embody the beautiful perfection of loves light.  We were honored to have been bystanders and witness the love they showed in these engagement photos.  They met in 2010 and were introduced by a mutual friend.  To give you background on the couple, Rachael enjoys listening to music, taking care of her household, being with family and friends, and supporting Harry in his coaching career.   Harry enjoys listening to music, watching and playing sports, being a mentor to all kids, and most of all he loves coaching sports.  In marriage, they say that they look forward to building a closer relationship with GOD first, pursing their careers to live better lives, creating a beautiful and loving family, and last but not least making their love last forever.  All we can say is we can't wait to shoot this wedding!


Diane Green-Moultrie(non-registered)
LHarry & Rachael... Two beautiful people! You guys compliment each other. Congratulations!!! (love the pics)
LaTesha Cady(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures sis!!! I am so honored to be apart of one of the most memorable days of your life. It has truly been a pleasure watching you grow into the young woman that you have become!! I wish you and Harry (Uncle Harry) nothing but the best in all of life's endeavors. The road is not going to always be easy, but stay prayerful, continue to look to God for guidance, and all will be well. Love you guys, and let the countdown begin!!
Rachael D.(non-registered)
Words cant describe how much we appreciate you all for making this day one of the best. Job well done!!! We truly enjoyed this day and we are looking forward into January 17. Thanks for everything!!!!
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