Justin+Crystalyn Engagement

April 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Today we bring two love birds to the blog. The fire they made created such a beautiful spark in this lovely engagement shoot. We love when God's plans come together beautiful as we describe in this engagement story. Crystalyn and Justin met their freshman year at AAMU. He was Senior Class President and she was newly elected Freshman Class Vice-President. They didn't talk then because they were both in a relationship at the time but she thought he was cute. That summer a friend of hers was going to a get together at his place and she decided to tag along. She got there and remembers them talking to each other the entire night. They were both single by this time and they exchanged numbers and probably talked to each other everyday for a whole month. They decided to give "them" a try. It didn't quite go as planned so they ended up going their separate ways and cutting off all communication. Three and a half years later they reconnected. She moved back home and they were good friends for two years before they decided to try a relationship again. It didn't take them long to realize they were both where they wanted to be. They would travel between Birmingham and Huntsville always making time for one another. After almost a year of traveling back and forth, Crystalyn moved back to Huntsville. Homecoming is always a big event in her family and her family comes up every year to Homecoming. However, she didn't know he already had the ring and it was in the car at the time. When they got to the house, he slid the ring to her mom so she wouldn't see it. While having dinner and watching a movie the following night Justin went into another room. She thought he was going to use the restroom. To her surprise, he emerged from the room and got on one knee. He told her how much he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Then he brought the box from behind his back and asked Crystalyn to marry him. It was so simple but such a wonderful moment. It was a moment that they will never forget! That brings us to where they are today... 253 days away from getting married! We wish them the best and happy planning!



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