Antonio + Jaleesa Wedding Day

May 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Love filled the air, and joy filled her heart as Jaleesa blissfully gave us an account of their love story as I will share with you in her own words. "Antonio and I met in 7th grade and went to school together through 9th grade. We also lived in the same neighborhood. We were friendly with each other, but not particularly close. We didn't really run in the same circles (he was outgoing somewhat of a social butterfly, I was quiet, shy, reserved, talked to a very small group of friends.) So it’s not a big surprise that when we both went to different schools that we lost touch. Flash forward to summer 2007. I was home for summer break (I was a rising junior at Auburn University) doing a little shopping at the local Wal-Mart and ran into Antonio. We were both visibly excited to see each other and he promised to come visit me at my parent’s home soon (which he did.) Antonio and one of my cousins happened to be close friends and I asked him to give Antonio my number. We talked for hours during the summer , sometimes hanging up just as the sun began to rise. As the summer came to an end, Antonio wanted to become a couple; I was hesitant and went back to Auburn telling him I would think about it. Once back in Auburn, I missed him terribly and decided to give a relationship a try. What happened next was 7 years of laughs, fights, date nights, family gatherings, tears of joy as well as pain, and beautiful moments while trying to maintain a mainly long-distance relationship (he travels across country for work.) On October 5, 2013,Antonio and I were preparing to leave for a trip he planned to Birmingham for the weekend. Before we left he suggested we eat lunch at the Bloch Park (the location of our first date) and it’s there that he proposed! Turns out the previous month while working in Mississippi he had collaborated with my best friend in an attempt to find the perfect ring for me and had driven from Mississippi to Montgomery (to pick up my best friend) to Pensacola (where he found the ring ) and back all in one day. All of that hard work paid off! I love my ring! And we were married on March 21, 2015!" Their wedding was a beautiful classy, ceremony that rivals all others . We hope you enjoy the snippets we captured of this lovely wedding.


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