Willie + Inella Sloss Wedding

June 10, 2015  •  1 Comment
We have all witnessed a blushing bride but to witness a husband truly infatuated with the fact that he is becoming one with his queen is beautiful. Willie serenaded his beautiful bride with a lovely song and there were no dry eyes in the place. We are pleased to bring to you there story from Willie's perspective." Inella and I were introduced to each other by our cousins.  My cousin married her cousin and thought we might be compatible.  We almost never met each other though.  We chatted on facebook once or twice, but never really followed through.  Then later on we met by chance at Fuego Cantina for a birthday dinner for a common friend.  We then started talking on facebook more and then on the phone.  We went on our first actual date to Habaneros in Alabaster.  We hit it off immediately.  After dinner ended at around 9:00 pm, we just stood outside talking to each other until almost midnight.  We both just lost track of time because we were so interested in what the other had to say.  It just took off from there.  I truly feel like GOD brought us together because without that chance meeting at a friend's birthday dinner we more than likely would have never met each other in person". The love these two share is as beautiful as the pictures are from their special day we hope you enjoy!


Wendy Henley Anger(non-registered)
Awesome pictures! Beautiful couple. God bless you both!
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