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August 19, 2015  •  2 Comments
"The day I knew I wanted Tam to marry me came sooner than expected, I knew early on in our relationship that she would be my wife", She challenged me to new ways of thinking which no one has before. "Her smile, her eyes, and witty sense of humor had me hooked" These are some of the sentiments of Derrick Glover our soon to be groom of beautiful Tamela. We bring them to the blog today to share their sultry engagement photos and enchanting love story.

They met back in 2010 , they went out a few times and then life separated them for a little while. Then back in 2012 they reconnected and they weren’t looking for love at the time. They became great friends and their friendship evolved into a beautiful love story that ended with them finding the person of their dreams! For the proposal Derrick stated that Tamela is hard to surprise so he knew she would be suspicious of a holiday or Valentines proposal.However, Derrick blindfolded Tamela  on Valentine's Day and she had no idea where he was taking her. When she took the blind fold off, she was in a dim candle lit room with 50 dozen white roses everywhere. There was a projector playing a slideshow of pictures of them with music playing. She watched the slide show and after it was over, there was a trail of candles and roses leading to this huge window that had the curtain pulled to keep the light out. As they walked up someone opened the curtain and there was a singer and a guitar player playing an Alicia Keys song and she was singing. The view was beautiful. She could see the whole city and there was a patio with a few tables and chairs with roses within her view. She thought Derrick was just going to do a candle lit dinner or something because he’s that romantic type of guy. Well after the person finished singing, he started telling her how much he loved her and he then down on his knee and asked her to be his wife! She was in disbelief! She was happy but shocked because she didn’t see it coming. She then said “yes!”, and turned around and her family and some friends came from behind the curtain and she found out that they had been watching from afar the whole time. They have a wonderful story and we wish them the best as they prepare to exchange vows in a few weeks.



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Hey power couple
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