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Matt + Ariel Wedding | American Village| Alabama Wedding Photographers Matt and Ariel's wedding was nothing short of amazing! With the fusion of navy blue and yellow, they coordinated a beautiful event with plenty of bridal inspiration. Ariel wore a sweetheart a line dress that was the perfect compliment to her sleek figure. Matt was dapper as ever in his navy blue suit with the gold vest and gold accents. The bridal party was gorgeous as they adorned navy dresses that flowed eloquently in the wind. The fellas were popping mad flavor in their blue suits as well. The reception was just as breathtaking as the ceremony, the centerpieces were classy babies breath that blended so well with the gold chivari chairs and the navy blue linens to match. The day was filled with the perfect integration  of modern chic and classic sophistication.
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Favorites of 2015 Just when we thought last year was the best, 2015 came in and we were blessed beyond measure! We enjoyed every moment of our sessions and witnessing the two souls joining together to love each other for life. We can not wait to see what 2016 has in store for us. Check out our Year in Review!

Favorite of 2015

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Birmingham | Huntsville Wedding Photographers | LaTasha + Stanley Engagement Session Stan and Latasha met in June 2007. Their love story began as co workers who sparked a flame for each other over the years. As the years continued to roll on and their love continued to grow they welcomed a baby girl into their world.
The Proposal
The weekend of Valentine’s Day 2015, they went on a couples retreat to Gatlinburg Tennessee which included 3 other married couples. Most people expect engagements on this day but (LaTasha) did not see that coming at all. She stated that most of their arguments were about "when are you going to make me your wife?" She stated, " I mean, I think that’s a question any woman would ask after 7 years and a baby"! She stated that she waited so long that her expectations of a proposal was running slim.The morning of Valentines they started off with breakfast and a discussion on how all of the couples met each other. During this discussion, marriage came up and the other couples were wondering when that time would come for them. She just simply replied "She had no idea right now"and Stan just responded "sooner than you think". Later that day, the girls told her to get dressed so they could go out to a couple of places and the guys were going to do their own thing for a while as well. After about 3 hours away from the cabin, they proceeded back and noticed the guys were already back. As Latasha walked in, she was directed to go downstairs, and to follow a trail of rose petals and lit candles. At that point, her heart was pounding out of her chest because she was trying to figure out what’s about to happen and then the song “Don’t Change” by Musiq Soulchild started playing as she reached the bottom of the stairs. The rose petals were leading to the closed door of their bedroom and as she opened the door, Stan was standing there with a smile on his face. He got down on one knee and asked her will she marry him, and she simply replied “Yes!!!!”. We wish them well and we look forward to shooting their wedding and documenting their love story very soon!

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Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Ray + Adrian Montevallo Engagement Session Today we bring Ray and Adrian to the blog, their love story gives us faith in distance relationships and in the fact that when something is meant to be it will. Ray was so gracious in sharing their story from his perspective so today we share it with you. He stated, Our Story started 11 years ago when we were introduced by friends while in high school.  My brother and his girlfriend at the time thought we should meet and I was very interested.  Adrian and a couple of her friends decided to stop into the restaurant I worked for to spy and find out who I was and I must say that she was smitten by my mystique.  We decided to date while at different colleges and states and it didn't work.  Over the next three years we dated off and on and our individual worlds changed.  We remained connected and worked on being friends to each other.  When I decided to attend one of her best friend's wedding in 2012, and I saw her walk down the aisle, I knew then that I wanted her with me the remaineder of my life and at that point we started to date again.  

The Proposal:
Fast forward to four months ago on May 22nd after a long day of adventurous hiking and activity, I decided to get on one knew and profess my love to her and propose.  She said YES and we have been living a constant dream since. The two lovebirds will soon be united as one and we anxiously await capturing their love story behind our lens.

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Alabama Wedding Photographers| Jasmine+Lawrence Engagement Session We love when our engagement sessions allow couples to express themselves in lovely, fun, and passionate ways. Our couples are able to become completely comfortable and lost in their love while we capture their stories and watch them unfold in front of our very own eyes and  behind our lens. This is exactly the case of our next love story of Jasmine and Lawrence. They met a few years ago and ever since then they have been inseparable and have not been able to keep each other away.  They are planning forever while they continue to build a solid friendship and foundation rooted in the in the principles of their beliefs in God as the center of the relationship with each other. They both disclosed that they are looking forward to working through the good times as well as the bad as long as they have God they feel that nothing is impossible. We wish them the best as they endeavor on their journey in becoming man and wife. 

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Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Jasmine + Tim Engagement Session "Birds flying high you know how I feel, Sun in the sky you know how I feel",it's a new dawn, it's a new day it's a new life for me and I'm feeling good"! Just as the lyrics to this song by Muse speak of a new euphoric feeling of a new life and a new day, these are the sentiments of Jasmine as she radiates with love recounting their love story with us. Jasmine and Timothy met in Birmingham, AL in November, 2007 at Wachovia Bank. They were in the same training class preparing for a call center position at the bank. During that time they were placed on the same team and developed a good work relationship until Jasmine left in 2008. Afterwards they remained friends and would check on each other from time to time. As time moved on they lost communication for a few years. Fast forward to November 2013…..Jasmine relocated back to Birmingham, AL due to a promotion with Regions Bank. One day, she left work early after becoming ill and without knowing passed Timothy. After all these years she never changed her number and he had her contact information still in his phone. He texted her, “So, you’re going to pass by me and not speak??” Jasmine was confused because she didn’t know who this random message was from. She responded as any person would, “I’m sorry, who is this??” He told her who he was and they reconnected soon after. They became close friends and stayed in touch often. In February 2014, Jasmine asked Timothy if he would help her move to another apartment and with no hesitation he agreed. He also helped her set up majority of her belongings and from there love for each other blossomed. They started dating and became a couple soon after. 

From the beginning, God revealed to Timothy that his future wife would be someone in the banking industry and he didn’t understand it until that moment. Jasmine received confirmation after confirmation from God that Timothy is who she would grow to love, trust, and one day marry. On January 10, 2015, Timothy proposed to Jasmine after a symphony orchestra performance at the Alys Stephens Center. This is truly a match made in heaven! Jasmine and Timothy will marry on March 5, 2016 in Bessemer, Alabama.

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Nigerian Wedding Photographer | Tosin + Fiyin Cartersville Wedding The next love story to grace our blog is that of the lovely Dr.Fiyin Fawibe and her enchanting husband Tosin. As we interviewed her we were able to get a front seat into how they began their love story from her perspective. She stated, We met officially for the first time during a church summer camp in 2007. At that time, Tosin seemed to take a keen interest in me and we had deep conversations as if we’d been friends for years. I was talking to someone else at the time, but we still exchanged numbers and kept in touch sparingly for the next few years. At some point Tosin reminded me that we actually met when we were much younger during a visit my family made to Nigeria while he was still living there with his family. We were only about 5 & 6 back then, I am so surprised he remembers ! You can say we sort of lost touch sometime between 2007 and 2011 until another summer camp rolled around. This time it was Tosin who was taken and I had recently gotten out of a several years relationship so the timing again wasn’t the best. Nonetheless, that brief interaction was all we needed to get our minds going again. After camp this time, we stayed in touch a lot better and when I was planning a trip out to Houston, TX where he lived, I gave him a heads up that I was coming. He was working as a nurse and worked long hours almost daily, but he switched his schedule around to make sure he would be available when I came. I was there on a school related trip, so he drove me to my meetings and we hung out with friends most of the time. The night before I was to travel back home to Georgia, we stayed up all night going from club to restaurant and back to club. I had such an early flight the next day that I only had time to pack my things and head to the airport when all the fun was over. On the way to the airport, Tosin asked me what we were going to do about the feelings that were obviously transpiring between us. I told him I didn’t know because I was afraid of getting into a second long distance relationship. He nodded, but I knew he wasn’t going to let me off that easily lol. He dropped me at the airport but before letting me go, he drew me close and kissed me. I was on cloud 9 :-)

When I landed and got home later that day, I checked my messages and one said “I miss you already” and it was from my love. That was the beginning of our friendship that blossomed shorty after into a 3 year challenging yet rewarding relationship. It was challenging because it was long distance 99% of the time and we were only seeing each other for 3-5 days out of a month, sometimes fewer. Skype and FaceTime were our substance! God was our source of strength —we made sure to pray together every morning and night. I truly believe that making Him our foundation has opened up doors for us that otherwise would not have been possible. Our reward was getting engaged on our 2nd anniversary and sealing the deal in the presence of over 800 friends and family members shortly after our 3rd anniversary.

Now married for 3 months I can honestly say these have been the 

happiest months of my life. Everytime I look at him, I remember how blessed I am to have him and vice versa. We are thoroughly enjoying being married and look forward to a lifetime of blissful memories together!

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Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Will + Ashley Wedding at Shady Lane

With matters of the heart, the foundation and beginning of love are very important in understanding the direction of your future. As we share with you today a beautiful wedding and love story we hope it warms your heart as well as it did ours. Today we give you William and Ashley. This story is being told from Ashley's perspective. She stated, "William and I met during the fall of 2002 in the halls of Hoover High School. We became somewhat friends, but I honestly didn't know much about him other than he had long hair, a big blue car, a girlfriend, and everyone loved him.  About a month before my senior prom, I was walking towards the school bus and I saw Will in passing and he had on the new Black and White Air Jordan XII.

I said, "Ooooh those are nice! Will, you wanna buy me some Jordans?"

 "Naw, but do you want to go to the Prom with me?" he replied." lol

"Sure!", I said. 

"Cool!",  he said as he kept course towards the school bus. 

I had planned to go alone, but  why not go with a good friend.  Leading up to Prom, Will and I started hanging out more, we even went to watch the school play, The Diary of Anne Frank for extra credit.  Will says that this was our first official date.

Will and I kept in contact via Facebook throughout college as I went to school in Albany, NY and he studied in Tuscaloosa, AL.  We didn't get to see each other often, but every summer we found someway to celebrate our birthdays together  (Mine is July 6th and his is the 7th).  He would come to my gatherings, dinners, and even take me out to dinner and a movie if I had no plans.  I always thought it was SO SWEET and he was always such a gentleman, but never realized that he really liked me. 

In July of 2012 I traveled to a friend's wedding in Punta Cana Dominican Republic.  During that time I turned my phone off so I missed all of the birthday wishes from friends on Facebook.  On the morning of the 7th I was able to log on a friends iPad and the first message I saw was one from Will.  "All I know is my friend Ashley Crenshaw better wish me a happy birthday before it's over."  I quickly replied and promised him that we would talk upon my return.

That conversation turned into a 4 months of talking every other day and making plans to get together over Thanksgiving.  After Thanksgiving Will treated me to a wonderful day in Tuscaloosa, AL at the Iron Bowl. ROLL TIDE!!  I loved every minute of  it.  HE was such a gentleman and it was so romantic.  I thought to myself... "Hey I kinda like this guy." 

My gut told me that Will was the guy for me.  Our friendship was so natural and I felt he was the guy that I had been praying for.  Even though he was living in Houston while I was in ATL, I felt that God's plan was for us to grow together despite the distance. After a full year of long distance dating, I finished graduate school and I  decided to look for job opportunities in Houston, TX. 



Friday Nov. 21st was a long day for me.  I knew Will and I had a date night scheduled to see Mockingjay at Studio Movie Grill, but I really just wanted to chill.  I decided to have a glass of wine to revive myself and after I actually felt a little like dancing! (**magic wine ;-)**).  Our plan was to go to the movie, eat, and find somewhere to go dance.  The movie theater is located in a shopping plaza called CityCenter that is very similar to Atlantic Station in ATL.  We spend a lot of time in the area at the Gym, happy hours, and dinners (We LOVE it!).  After the movie Will asked if I wanted to go for a walk.  I thought it was a little surprising in that HE NEVER wants to go for walks!! We walked down to the courtyard area and it seemed like the place was ours and no one was watching.  We danced while I sang whatever song popped up in my head for about 30 minutes.  The sky was clear and for a moment I thought..."I'm tired, I wanna lay down on this grass."  Will didn't think that was a good idea and directed me to sit on a little ledge to the side.  Will sat down next to me and proceeded to grab my hand.  He asked about this rhinestone owl ring I was wearing...

"What is this?  I'm just gonna take this and move it over here" (to my other hand). 

 "Why are you taking my ring?!" I responded. 

Will slid down onto his knee, pulled a little black box out of his pocket and said "Because you need to put this one on....."  He opened the box with a light shining down on this beautiful ring and said

"Will you Marry me?!" 

Shocked and teary eyed, I was SPEECHLESS....

 "You're supposed to say something...  Ashley Nicole Crenshaw will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

I said “Yes”

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Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Jessica + DeMarcus Engagement Session Today, we bring back a couple who has graced our blog before. DeMarcus and Jessica's beautiful engagement session was also featured on Munaluchi's online wedding blog back in December.  They will be tying the knot this weekend and we wanted to take a stroll down memory lane with them and highlight some of their greatest moments from their e session in Atlanta. We will continue to add to this love story on this Saturday as we capture the exchange of their vows as they become man and wife. We wish them nothing but the best as they embark on this new journey on their lifetime of love.


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Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Derrick + Tamela Engagement "The day I knew I wanted Tam to marry me came sooner than expected, I knew early on in our relationship that she would be my wife", She challenged me to new ways of thinking which no one has before. "Her smile, her eyes, and witty sense of humor had me hooked" These are some of the sentiments of Derrick Glover our soon to be groom of beautiful Tamela. We bring them to the blog today to share their sultry engagement photos and enchanting love story.

They met back in 2010 , they went out a few times and then life separated them for a little while. Then back in 2012 they reconnected and they weren’t looking for love at the time. They became great friends and their friendship evolved into a beautiful love story that ended with them finding the person of their dreams! For the proposal Derrick stated that Tamela is hard to surprise so he knew she would be suspicious of a holiday or Valentines proposal.However, Derrick blindfolded Tamela  on Valentine's Day and she had no idea where he was taking her. When she took the blind fold off, she was in a dim candle lit room with 50 dozen white roses everywhere. There was a projector playing a slideshow of pictures of them with music playing. She watched the slide show and after it was over, there was a trail of candles and roses leading to this huge window that had the curtain pulled to keep the light out. As they walked up someone opened the curtain and there was a singer and a guitar player playing an Alicia Keys song and she was singing. The view was beautiful. She could see the whole city and there was a patio with a few tables and chairs with roses within her view. She thought Derrick was just going to do a candle lit dinner or something because he’s that romantic type of guy. Well after the person finished singing, he started telling her how much he loved her and he then down on his knee and asked her to be his wife! She was in disbelief! She was happy but shocked because she didn’t see it coming. She then said “yes!”, and turned around and her family and some friends came from behind the curtain and she found out that they had been watching from afar the whole time. They have a wonderful story and we wish them the best as they prepare to exchange vows in a few weeks.


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Birmingham Wedding Photographer | Will + Carla Engagement Session Our next engagement session was planned by vendor Shannel Aiken with SAWE. The day began on a beautiful Saturday as the couple enjoyed a few sceneries that set for a romantic session. Carla and Will had organic chemistry, they met in college at the University of Alabama. Carla stated she always sat at the back of class not paying attention to the professor and hadn't  really noticed Will.  One day, as fate would intervene Will came into class late and he locked eyes with Carla. For some reason, in that second, he went back out the door and reentered the door on the other side of the classroom. (He says it is because Carla looked like trouble and to this day he says that he was right, that Carla was trouble lol).  Carla thought that was odd but didn’t think anything else about it.


By the end of the semester, Will finally asked Carla out to coffee but she turned him down.  During finals week, Carla asked Will if he wanted to study together. They decided to meet at the library. Carla was an hour late. (He was quite upset about her tardiness). Once Carla finally arrived at the library, she wasn’t trying to study. She instead asked Will to grab a bite to eat with her. That was the start of a few bites to eat over the next year. In 2010, Will got deployed for a year as he was in the army. He was worried that the distance and time apart would strain their relationship however, to his surprise, it made them stronger. Carla was there for him every step of the way. From the late night calls due to a 7 hour time difference to sky ping until each other fell asleep. Once he returned home from deployment he took Carla on a cruise where he proposed to her on the front of the ship under the moonlight and stars.  The next day during a game of win, lose or draw, Carla was up to draw and her first word was "engagement ring." If that’s not a sign I don’t know what is. Well the signs all point to a winner on this and we wish them all the best to a joyful lifetime of love.

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Birmingham Wedding Photographer | Donovan + Shanta Engagement Session All is fair in love and music, well that's how our next couple sees it. Shanta and Donovan are a match made in Heaven and we are happy to share with you their love story as well as their gorgeous engagement photos. Here is how they became to be the couple they are today from the perspective of the Ms. Shanta. She states "Donavon and I met while in college at Tiffin University. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. Let him tell it he had already been scoping me out around campus but I was just enjoying college life. We stayed in the same dorm hall. He introduced himself to me and I didn't understand anything he said but "hey "and that his name was Donavon due to his accent . I told him my name but he already knew that and I told him it was nice to meet him. Maybe like a week or 2 later a mutual friend brought him by my room and introduced him again to me. The mutual friend and I talked for awhile but Donavon didn't really say much just listened. He said he was shy which if anybody who knows Donavon they know he's definitely not a shy person. The next day or two he was outside on a motorcycle with his brother and a friend and I asked could I ride. He let me and afterwards asked if I wanted to come and watch a movie with him & some friends. I said yes and we've been inseparable every since." They will be married soon and we wish them the best!



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Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Willie + Angel Atlanta Engagement Session Today we bring that "dapper gent" and his "beautiful "Angel" to the blog today! Their story begins as most love stories do with love that is tested with distance then with time comes back again. It began the fall of 2001.Willie was a senior at Stillman College and Angel was in her sophomore year at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL. They were both cast as love interest in a Stillman College play called “Train Is Comin”. Throughout their rehearsals, Willie began to develop feelings for Angel. However, Angel was interested in someone else. Even though they shared a special kiss during this time, they chose to just remain friends. After college, Angel moved to Los Angeles. CA. and her and Willie lost contact with each other for 8 years. In the Fall of 2012, Angel found Willie on facebook. They immediately reconnected through several messages and phone calls. That December, Willie invited Angel on a school trip he was attending in NYC. Angel accepted the invitation and met him there. At first sight, Willie’s old feelings for Angel found themselves back in his heart. By the end of the trip, he realized that he was more than likely trapped in the proverbial “friend zone” as Angel still saw him differently. After the trip, they both went back to their respective homes…Angel to Georgia and Willie to Alabama. Willie then figured that he had pushed too much and decided to allow God to drive. He asked her to simply start over. They talked everyday on the phone, and by February, Angel knew that Willie had definitely proven her wrong and she began to fall in love with her future husband. Willie looks back now and knows it was all worth the wait! He proposed to Angel and they are to soon to be wed.


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Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographer | Terrece + Curtresha Wedding Day On a beautiful day on the 16th of May Terrece and Curtresha united in the Holy state of matrimony. We were blessed to have witnessed this sacred event. The decor of this lavish wedding was as beautiful as the bride. We share with you below a snippet of what we captured during the ceremony and reception. With a fusion of canary yellow and gray this couple's concept shows that they understand that with combining these colors they know that there will be sunny days in marriage as well as some dark gray nights but through it all together they can weather any storm.

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Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Matt + Ariel Atlanta Engagement Session We bring to the blog today Ariel and Matt's love story. Being in good company can set up a lifetime of love. We interviewed Ariel to get her perspective on their beginning, and we were blessed to capture their beautiful love unfold during their engagement shoot. She began by stating, " We met on the campus of the University of Montevallo in the fall of 2009. We had mutual friends but weren't friends with each other. We met through a fundraiser with my sorority. We began chatting on Facebook after Matthew messaged me. I asked one of our mutual friends about Matthew and she said he was a good guy and worth giving a shot. We met up and began dating. After a few dates, we made it "official" and have been dating ever since.

The proposal happened on my birthday, December 15,2014. Matthew told me he had to work so I planned to have dinner with some of my friends. During dinner Matthew, called several times. He said I had been out too long and that Harley probably needed to be let out. Finally, I agreed and headed home. I walked in to balloons everywhere and a happy birthday banner. As I picked up the phone to call him and thank him for the surprise, he stepped out the bedroom. Shocked, I told him that I thought he had to work. He said he wanted to surprise me and do something special. Then two of our friends, Jeremiah and Brian, stepped out of the back room with a cake. Jeremiah put the birthday cake down for me to read it. When I turned around from reading the cake, Matthew was on one knee.
The rest is history"...



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Demi + Brandon 1st Anniversary Love as we all know endures all things and believes all things. Sometimes love is tested in the fire and in the end comes out shining like gold! Demi and Brandon's story is one of perseverance and friendship. We are pleased to share it with you today from Demi's perspective. She started by stating "When i first laid eyes on Brandon when we were in high school. He was a charmer! We shared mutual friends, but were never formally introduced. He attended Pleasant Grove High School, and I attended Minor High School at the time. During our senior year, I learned that Brandon and I planned to attend the University of Alabama in the fall. 
When I arrived at school, it completely slipped my mind that he was there. One day in the spring of 2010, my friend and I were going to Bryant Dining to eat lunch. While she was getting out my car, she dinged a red Charger that was parked next to me. Immediately the guy in the car sat up, rolled his window down and threw his hands up. Boy was he pissed. She apologized and tried to laugh and play it off. I was speechless because I realized it was him, Brandon. With me having the blunt personality that I have, I brushed off his presence and pretended to not pay him any attention.
As time went by, we started running into each other more often and shared similar friends ONCE AGAIN. This time, we were introduced. We began to be pretty good friends and grew closer on a public level. The only time we would communicate is when we saw each other in public. We had not exchanged numbers.
On April 27, 2011, Tuscaloosa, Pleasant Grove and Pratt City were torn apart by tornadoes that swept through them. I remembered that Brandon and his family resided in that area, so I decided to reach out to him via Facebook. That is when it all started… 
On April 30, 2011, we exchanged numbers and from that moment our friendship blossomed. 


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Willie + Inella Sloss Wedding We have all witnessed a blushing bride but to witness a husband truly infatuated with the fact that he is becoming one with his queen is beautiful. Willie serenaded his beautiful bride with a lovely song and there were no dry eyes in the place. We are pleased to bring to you there story from Willie's perspective." Inella and I were introduced to each other by our cousins.  My cousin married her cousin and thought we might be compatible.  We almost never met each other though.  We chatted on facebook once or twice, but never really followed through.  Then later on we met by chance at Fuego Cantina for a birthday dinner for a common friend.  We then started talking on facebook more and then on the phone.  We went on our first actual date to Habaneros in Alabaster.  We hit it off immediately.  After dinner ended at around 9:00 pm, we just stood outside talking to each other until almost midnight.  We both just lost track of time because we were so interested in what the other had to say.  It just took off from there.  I truly feel like GOD brought us together because without that chance meeting at a friend's birthday dinner we more than likely would have never met each other in person". The love these two share is as beautiful as the pictures are from their special day we hope you enjoy!
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Marvin + Danisha Wedding Day Marvin and Danisha entered their happily ever after on May 2, 2015.  The love and chemistry that they shared was so pure and beautiful it came through exceptionally well through the photos.  They are a couple who genuinely exude that fire for each other and it was our pleasure to witness and capture these breath taking images.  We hope you enjoy a snippet of what we experienced on their special day.  

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham love photography story weddings Mon, 01 Jun 2015 13:30:00 GMT
Ernest + Ashley Atlanta Engagement Session Today we bring to the blog a love story that is a beautiful as the photos are! Ashley and Ernest’s story began June 1, 2012 at the "All In" Casino Royale fundraiser benefiting UAB's Healthy Happy Kids, at Workplay in Birmingham, AL. Who knew it was a night that would change their futures in a major way. While playing Blackjack 21, Ernest saw a beautiful young woman dancing in place with a drink. They exchanged a couple of glances and smiles and Ernest knew it was a matter a time before he approached. Ernest took a while to get up because he was trying to see if she had an empty ring finger. Meanwhile Ashley turned to her friends, Aaryn and Shalandria “BJ” and jokingly stated, “Got me one”. They giggled as they noticed him staring. Ernest finally approached Ashley. After a little small talk, he asked for her business card. Ashley stated she did not have one, so Ernest gave her his. When he left, Ashley turned to her friends and asked, “I work in an ER, am I supposed to have a business card?” Ashley pondered calling Ernest vs waiting to bump into him again, as it is not her norm to call a guy first. That Sunday she called and left a message on his voicemail. Ernest was excited and relieved when he heard the message Ashley left. Two days later, they had their first date at Avo in Mountain Brook, AL and the relationship has continued to grow from that point forward.
The Proposal
On October 16, 2014, Ernest whisked Ashley off to Center StageTheater in Atlanta, Ga. He took her to see one of her favorite performers, Marsha Ambrosius, where she would be performing her latest tracks from Friends and Lovers. Ernest told Ashley he was trying to get them upgraded to VIP seating and a possible meet and greet backstage after the show. After leaving his seat multiple times, he finally returned with news that their seating had been upgraded but he was unsure if the meet and greet would occur. Marsha began to play instrumentals for one of Ashley’s favorite songs, “Say Yes”. The song was a crowd favorite and as the crowd began to scream, Ernest appeared on stage. He asked Ashley “A Petty” to come to the stage. Ernest’s contact person, Moe Simpson a local DJ, took Ashley backstage. Once on stage, Ernest proposed to Ashley, whom was shaking with nervousness. She said YES! They remained on stage while Marsha sang “Say Yes” after which they sat backstage for the remainder of the concert. 

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Atlanta Beautiful Engagement Session esession love photography Wed, 27 May 2015 13:30:00 GMT
Antonio + Jaleesa Wedding Day Love filled the air, and joy filled her heart as Jaleesa blissfully gave us an account of their love story as I will share with you in her own words. "Antonio and I met in 7th grade and went to school together through 9th grade. We also lived in the same neighborhood. We were friendly with each other, but not particularly close. We didn't really run in the same circles (he was outgoing somewhat of a social butterfly, I was quiet, shy, reserved, talked to a very small group of friends.) So it’s not a big surprise that when we both went to different schools that we lost touch. Flash forward to summer 2007. I was home for summer break (I was a rising junior at Auburn University) doing a little shopping at the local Wal-Mart and ran into Antonio. We were both visibly excited to see each other and he promised to come visit me at my parent’s home soon (which he did.) Antonio and one of my cousins happened to be close friends and I asked him to give Antonio my number. We talked for hours during the summer , sometimes hanging up just as the sun began to rise. As the summer came to an end, Antonio wanted to become a couple; I was hesitant and went back to Auburn telling him I would think about it. Once back in Auburn, I missed him terribly and decided to give a relationship a try. What happened next was 7 years of laughs, fights, date nights, family gatherings, tears of joy as well as pain, and beautiful moments while trying to maintain a mainly long-distance relationship (he travels across country for work.) On October 5, 2013,Antonio and I were preparing to leave for a trip he planned to Birmingham for the weekend. Before we left he suggested we eat lunch at the Bloch Park (the location of our first date) and it’s there that he proposed! Turns out the previous month while working in Mississippi he had collaborated with my best friend in an attempt to find the perfect ring for me and had driven from Mississippi to Montgomery (to pick up my best friend) to Pensacola (where he found the ring ) and back all in one day. All of that hard work paid off! I love my ring! And we were married on March 21, 2015!" Their wedding was a beautiful classy, ceremony that rivals all others . We hope you enjoy the snippets we captured of this lovely wedding.

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Alabama Beautiful Capital City Club Montgomery Wedding Weddings love photography Wed, 13 May 2015 13:30:00 GMT
Marvin+Danisha Engagement We speak blessings and favor as this couple walks into their season, it's their time to receive the promise of love, prosperity, and a life long friendship. This love story begins as
Danisha and Marvin met while working together. The two struck up a friendship due to having similar interests, goals, friends, and spiritual backgrounds. They would share lessons from their respective churches, which coincidentally, were the same topics. The two never considered dating. In fact, Marvin used to tease and joke with Danisha so much that she started not to like him. A few years had passed before the two would talk again. They started slowly becoming friends and eventually started dating. After three years, Marvin decided that it was time to propose. When Thanksgiving rolled around, Danisha wanted to go Birmingham to visit family. Marvin told her that he had to work and would not be able to come with her. Meanwhile, Marvin had orchestrated a plan with Danisha's mom to propose on Thanksgiving in front of her family. Danisha and Marvin had been texting throughout the day, but that evening, she received a text that said "Do you know what I'm thankful for? You'll find out in 3..2..1..." That's when he knocked on the door, came in and proposed! Danisha says, "What I like best about Marvin is his generous heart and his ability to stay positive in any situation." Marvin says "Danisha is so caring and supportive. One of her best kept secrets is she is hilarious. Her love for him is boundless and He knows without a doubt she has his back.

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Alabama Birmingham E-Session Lab Yogurt engagement love Wed, 29 Apr 2015 13:30:00 GMT
Will+Nekia Engagement Session William and Nekia have the type of chemistry that keeps everyone around them in awe. The love and passion they share is unrivaled and unmatched. Below is there love story. They meet through mutual friends, and they were both on Twitter and started following each other. They would always subtweet and flirt. Finally he asked for her number and it's been on for them from then on every since. He proposed to her at Disney World at Magic Kingdom during the firework show May 28 2014. As tinkerbell was flying by he dropped on one knee and asked for her to love him for life! We wish them endless joy and favor as they embark upon their marriage.

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Beautiful Birmingham Disney Gulfshores World engagement love on-location session Wed, 22 Apr 2015 13:30:00 GMT
Justin+Crystalyn Engagement Today we bring two love birds to the blog. The fire they made created such a beautiful spark in this lovely engagement shoot. We love when God's plans come together beautiful as we describe in this engagement story. Crystalyn and Justin met their freshman year at AAMU. He was Senior Class President and she was newly elected Freshman Class Vice-President. They didn't talk then because they were both in a relationship at the time but she thought he was cute. That summer a friend of hers was going to a get together at his place and she decided to tag along. She got there and remembers them talking to each other the entire night. They were both single by this time and they exchanged numbers and probably talked to each other everyday for a whole month. They decided to give "them" a try. It didn't quite go as planned so they ended up going their separate ways and cutting off all communication. Three and a half years later they reconnected. She moved back home and they were good friends for two years before they decided to try a relationship again. It didn't take them long to realize they were both where they wanted to be. They would travel between Birmingham and Huntsville always making time for one another. After almost a year of traveling back and forth, Crystalyn moved back to Huntsville. Homecoming is always a big event in her family and her family comes up every year to Homecoming. However, she didn't know he already had the ring and it was in the car at the time. When they got to the house, he slid the ring to her mom so she wouldn't see it. While having dinner and watching a movie the following night Justin went into another room. She thought he was going to use the restroom. To her surprise, he emerged from the room and got on one knee. He told her how much he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Then he brought the box from behind his back and asked Crystalyn to marry him. It was so simple but such a wonderful moment. It was a moment that they will never forget! That brings us to where they are today... 253 days away from getting married! We wish them the best and happy planning!


(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 AAMU Beautiful Birmingham Downtown Engagement Huntsville Session esession love lovestory Mon, 06 Apr 2015 13:30:00 GMT
Alabama Wedding Photographers | Leon+Lindsey Engagement Just as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the love that Leon and Lindsey share is something to behold!  As we invisibly documented their love story we were in awe by the affection and dedication to detail that each one shared with the other.  They were also winners of our "Tell Us Your Story" campaign.  They exuded passion, fun and excitement during the shoot.  The traveled from Arkansas to share with our lenses the most intimate moments of their love story. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed taking them! We look forward to shooting their Harlem Renaissance themed wedding in Arkansas soon.

Venue: Morgan Creek Vineyards and Winery

Planner: Z. Curlett Events

M.U.A: Make Up Dash

Hair: Kurtina Cameron

Jewelry: Vila Corder- Beautiful Pieces

Center Piece: Elite Design

Cake: Cakes by Kim

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Alabama Arkansas Birmingham Bride Engagement Session e-session love Mon, 23 Mar 2015 13:30:00 GMT
Will+Ashley Engagement Session Often in marriage after the honeymoon phase, fun and excitement slowly wanes. Couples then sometimes lose what brought them together in most cases: Fun! We had an excellent session with a beautiful couple who traveled from Houston, Texas to have the time of their lives. Will and Ashley were one of our "Tell us Your Story" contest winners. They were not afraid of fun and it showed in these awesome shots. As fun connoisseurs ourselves, we enjoyed watching them have a fun, flirty engagement session. Besides at the end of the day Love and Fun is what it is all about! 

M.U.A: Shara Shaw

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Engagement engagement engagementsession esession love photography Mon, 02 Mar 2015 14:30:00 GMT
Luck+Ashley Engagement Session We would like to highlight one of our couples who will be getting married on the day dedicated to love- Valentine's Day.  Just as the groom's name suggest he is the "Luckiest" man to have such a beautiful bride that he will take a vow to love forever.  We wish Ashley and Luck pure happiness and joy as their lives intertwine into one.

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Birmingham engagement engagements esession love photography Fri, 13 Feb 2015 14:30:00 GMT
Demetrius+ Tombi Engagement With Valentine's Day a few days away, it is only befitting that we highlight a couple of our love birds.  We had a great time with Demetrius and Tombi on their fun filled engagement session.  The evening started with a intimate setting for two as the couple gazed in each other's eyes and thanked GOD for moments like this that they will cherish forever.  After their dessert the couple wished happily to loveland on their bike gliding to the smooth tune to the beats of their in sync heart beats.  We hope your enjoy these engagement photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Decor/Design: Mary's Events

Cupcakes: Bamachef, LLC

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Birmingham day engagement esession love valentine's Wed, 11 Feb 2015 14:30:00 GMT
Terrell+JaRhonda Wedding Day As we reminisce on an oldie but goldie, we reflect on the trueness of a verse from one of our favorite songs. Luther Vandross so eloquently stated, "I never stopped believing there could one day be a chance, for me to get the love that I'd been missing, sometimes love takes a long time, wait for love and you're going to get your chance for love, Wait for love! Wait for love!" Well Nikki waited and her love came in the form of her longtime best friend. Today we feature their wedding on our blog to show how good things comes to those who wait. It was a beautiful intimate ceremony filled with laughter, fun, and passion. They started off blind folded for their first look, and as the ceremony progressed, they passionately gazed in each other's eyes. They were surrounded by love and the Pastor officiating the ceremony was her dad who seemed over joyed at the fact of gaining a son. They also had a touching gift presentation to the children as their families join together as one. The meticulous detail in the decor  and the bridal design added sophistication and flair to this blessed event. We hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as we enjoyed capturing these lifetime of memories. We also wish the happy couple endless prosperity and joy!

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Wedding love story weddings Mon, 02 Feb 2015 14:30:00 GMT
Kendall+Tayana Wedding Day Love believes all things, love conquers all things, love endures all things... On this Wedding Wednesday we highlight Kendall and Tayana.  The love these two share can illuminate a entire room.  We were fortunate to witness the joining together of these two souls.  We wish them a lifetime or propensity, unconditional love, and joy!  Their wedding took place on 12/13/14 and as you can tell from the photos, this was a very sophisticated, classy ceremony.  The deep red was a reflection of the intensity of the love that they have one another.  We enjoyed every moment of capturing this beautiful memory for this lovely couple.

(The Price Approach Photography) 2015 Wedding Weddings Wednesday love weddings Wed, 14 Jan 2015 14:20:00 GMT
DeMarcus+Jessica Engagement Session On a night on the town love and laughter filled the air. These are a few sentiments from a beautiful couple whose love we witnessed. The day began with our lovely lady Jessica being pampered with hair, make up, and styling in preparation for a night out with the love of her life. We were paparazzi as DeMarcus and Jessica enjoyed the night life in a classy, sophisticated engagement shoot in Atlanta, GA.  They were absolutely lost in love and we enjoyed every moment of watching their flirty evening unfold.  They both are gentle souls who give so much of themselves to people in need at a non profit they work at, and it was a pleasant breath of fresh air to sit back and watch these two do what they do best.... Love and enjoy each other!

We look forward to shooting their wedding in September..The Best is Yet to Come...

Stay Tuned!


Engagement Venue: The Georgian Terrace Hotel

M.U.A: Lena Clark

Hair: Shanel Lord

Stylist: Vila Corder

Florist/Decor: Elite Designs-Daphne Simpson Wellman

Linens- The Head Table

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Atlanta E-Session Engagement Thu, 01 Jan 2015 14:30:00 GMT
Engagement Giveaway It's the season of giving so what a better time than for us to give a gift to you!  We would like to give you the opportunity of a lifetime, for your love to be captured by our cameras....   Let us know your love story and enter to win the opportunity to win a free engagement session. Makeup is included!  How can I submit? Submit here and also title the email "LoveStory Engagement" with the following information.  Let us know how you guys met, how long you have been dating, what you look forward to when you get married, and details of your wedding.  The winner will be announced via our Facebook page.  Contest will end Dec 21st at 11:59pm.

*One Entry per couple.  Engagement Session must be taken within a year. For More Details contact Photographers...

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Engagement Giveaway Thu, 11 Dec 2014 14:05:00 GMT
Tray+Whitney Engagement Today we are featuring Whitney and Tray on the blog!  She told us their love story began 7 years ago at Walmart.   We had a great time strolling with these two seeing the magic in the "Magic City".  We hope they keep the laughter and fun in their relationship and it carries over in their marriage.  We also wish them a lifetime of joy and love! Enjoy the beautiful photos from their session...

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Engagement Wedding Wednesday engagement photography Wed, 10 Dec 2014 14:05:00 GMT
Darius+Crystal Engagement Session On a gorgeous autumn day, we had the pleasure of meeting Darius and Crystal.  They were the perfect mixture of witty and fun loving.  We had a great time witnessing their chemistry and love for each other during the best part of the year, Fall.  We look forward to shooting their July wedding.  Enjoy their beautiful engagement photos!  

"Happy Love Day Everybody".....


(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Engagement Marriage Monday love Mon, 01 Dec 2014 14:05:00 GMT
Black Friday Special Just in time for the holidays. Limited Time Only! Come check out our Black Friday Sale for Portraits and Weddings.  To Inquire contact us here ... 

(The Price Approach Photography) Black Friday Holiday Portraits Sale Weddings Thu, 20 Nov 2014 14:05:00 GMT
Marquese+Jennifer Engagement Today we are delighted to bring Marquese and Jennifer to the blog.  We had a great time laughing and engaging with this couple.  Their chemistry is unmatched and can be clearly seen in these photographs.  We had a great time interacting with them, they are undeniably a match made in heaven and we wish them many years of love and happiness.  Now Enjoy their beautiful engagement session...

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Engagement Marriage Monday love Mon, 17 Nov 2014 14:05:00 GMT
Harry + Rachael Engagement Love is a splendored thing... Especially when the perfect scene comes together to show the beauty of its growth.  Today we bring Harry and Rachael to the blog.  They embody the beautiful perfection of loves light.  We were honored to have been bystanders and witness the love they showed in these engagement photos.  They met in 2010 and were introduced by a mutual friend.  To give you background on the couple, Rachael enjoys listening to music, taking care of her household, being with family and friends, and supporting Harry in his coaching career.   Harry enjoys listening to music, watching and playing sports, being a mentor to all kids, and most of all he loves coaching sports.  In marriage, they say that they look forward to building a closer relationship with GOD first, pursing their careers to live better lives, creating a beautiful and loving family, and last but not least making their love last forever.  All we can say is we can't wait to shoot this wedding!

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Marriage Monday engagement love Mon, 10 Nov 2014 14:05:00 GMT
Cornelius + Vonnetta Happy Anniversary On a Beautiful fall day exactly One Year ago, two souls united as one.  As you go on your journey together always remember to love, laugh, and live your life for each other.  Marriage is for your spouse if both of you each day working on loving each other and focusing on the other you will continue to be blessed.  We would like to say Happy Anniversary and we wish you many many more.

(The Price Approach Photography) Anniversary Marriage Sun, 26 Oct 2014 14:06:18 GMT
Trey + Tisha Anniversary A Love that blossomed in high school, has grown into a beautiful marriage.  We love the energy and passion that these two bring wherever they go.  We would like to wish Mr. and Mrs. Travis Lee a Happy Anniversary!  May you always delight in the love of each other's heart.  We have a few pictures from their great session, it was fun capturing these passion filled intimate moments and we hope you enjoy!

Happy Anniversary Trey and Tisha!

(The Price Approach Photography) Anniversary Marriage Sat, 25 Oct 2014 14:05:00 GMT
Fall Mini Sessions We are so excited to bring our Fall Mini Sessions to everyone.  We are allowing 3 day slots available. The days are Nov 1st, 15th, and 16th.  Slots will be limited due to availability.  

Fall Mini Sessions Include: (1)8X10 Print, (2)5x7 Prints, (3)4x6 Prints, and bonus 25 Holiday Cards.

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(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 fall mini promo sessions Fri, 17 Oct 2014 15:20:37 GMT
Shan+Madison Maternity Session Bringing a new bundle of joy into the world brings new possibilities of hope and joy for the future.  As we look to our future we peer at our past to see how far we have progressed and pay homage to those who have paved the way.  We would like to take this time to share with you a session from a couple who is actually apart of our family!  Congratulations Shan and Madison!  As we welcome MJ to the family...

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 fall lifestyle maternity portraits session Tue, 14 Oct 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Tim+Ashlee Engagement To be Loved is Divine but to be Loved by your Best Friend is Beautiful... We are so delighted to bring to the blog today Tim and Ashlee!  We had a blast capturing their chemistry we must say the whole seven hours was nothing less than pure entertainment.  They kept us laughing from sun up to sun down and showed us how much fun they have with each other and how genuine their interactions are with each other.  We hope you enjoy viewing some of the captured moments from their magnificent session.. 

-Happy Wedding Wednesday

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 e-session engagement wedding wednesday Wed, 08 Oct 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Kira + Jerrell Happy Anniversary It is truly amazing to be there to capture moments that will be cherished forever.  With that being said we are thankful for the opportunity to witness the union of Kira and Jerrell Barbee.  We are also honored to have been there to capture the maternity glow right before they welcomed Jor'dyn in this world.  We would like to wish them a lifetime of love and happiness on this day their anniversary.

- Happy Anniversary from The Price Approach Photography...

(The Price Approach Photography) 1st Alabama Anniversary Beautiful Birmingham love photography year Sun, 05 Oct 2014 14:01:49 GMT
Terrece + Curtresha Engagement Session Happy October Everybody... What a great way to start with a Sneak Peek of Terrece + Curtresha Engagement Session.  The love and chemistry that these two share leaps off these beautiful shots.  As they plan their wedding, we hope they enjoy every moment, but most importantly we hope they are preparing to unite as one.  Hope you enjoy...

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham E-Session Engagement photography Wed, 01 Oct 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Maurice+Tabitha Engagement Session To find true love is divine... We would like to take this time out to blog about a special couple that we had the pleasure of photographing.  Their love story is a true testament of what GOD can do.  Maurice and Tabitha have the type of chemistry that will leave you in awe.  We pray that you continue to have peace within the sanctity of your love.  

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Alabama Birmingham e-session engagement on-location photography Mon, 29 Sep 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Danielle Senior Session Here's a sneak peek from our Senior session on this weekend with Danielle...

(The Price Approach Photography) Alabama Birmingham Senior Session photography Wed, 24 Sep 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Fred+Regina Engagement | Marriage Monday After sitting down and meeting with Fred and Regina it was obvious that they had a love story that needed to be shared with the world. Fred and Regina have been together 3 and a half years and within that time they have bonded on a spiritual, mental and emotional level. They met after Fred became a brother of Omega Psi Phi and she was a sister of Delta Sigma Theta. Since then they have been inseparable and they also endured a long distance relationship. Instead of the distance pulling them further apart it brought them closer together. Fred stated that he is most looking forward to standing the test of time with his soul mate, stand hand and hand heart and heart humbly before God joining as one. He also stated that he is looking forward to everything God has in store for them as they do His commandment and join together in matrimony vowing to withstand the good times and bad together. We wish them the very best and we look forward to witnessing this union and capturing this love behind the lens.. Enjoy the photos.

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Engagement Marriage Monday love Mon, 08 Sep 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Keisha + Lo | One Year Anniversary Happy Anniversary to Keisha and Lo. We are wishing the both of you nothing but abundance of love, joy, and continued happiness..

(The Price Approach Photography) Anniversary Birmingham weddings Sun, 07 Sep 2014 13:00:00 GMT
The Ellis Family | Roll Tide vs War Eagle " Family is the corner stone of a man's existence and the heart and soul of his joy."  This weekend we had an awesome time shooting a family session with the Ellis family, they are very loving and caring people and you can feel the affection through the photos.

(The Price Approach Photography) Gigi Steve and fall family session Thu, 04 Sep 2014 13:05:00 GMT
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Lee+Courtney One Year Anniversary| Marriage Monday  

On this Marriage Monday we are featuring Lee and Courtney. It just so happens to be their 1st Year Anniversary and we would like to wish them many days of endless bliss and nights of unspeakable joy!  Today our topic is "withstanding the test of time".  There are no books or manuals to teach you how to go through hard times in marriage.  GOD never promised that everything would be perfect in order to grow you will be tried and tested. So how do you go through rough times with your spouse? Do you wave on the teetering waters and tread lightly or do you go for the jugular and punch below the belt. Even in disagreements you have to learn how to disagree without tearing your home and causing division because guess who is on the side lines watching! The enemy! He is watching and waiting for an opportunity to step in and sever any chance of you working things out. Always remember he is here to kill, steal and destroy especially marriages. It is very important to learn how to disagree but in a healthy way. Until next time peeps ... Be blessed and stay in GOD's favor.

(The Price Approach Photography) 1 2014 Anniversary Marriage Monday Year wedding Mon, 01 Sep 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Dennis+Nette Happily Married....| Wedding Wednesday On this "Wedding Wednesday" we are featuring Mr. and Mrs. Gray. What's so special about this couple is that their union was cemented in a "pure" bond. Meaning there was no physical connection before spiritual. They were able to connect to a place where on they and GOD dwell until they finally united in Holy Matrimony. I have the utmost reverence and respect for this couple because many of us can not say that we waited. After being bombarded with so many subliminal messages in media and popular culture it is the norm to create a physical connection before spiritual. GOD has blessed this union because they are not clouded by lust or infatuation but they have the clarity of knowing each other mentally and emotionally first . As you continue on your blessed journey in marriage we wish for you endless days and nights of love admiration and peace. It is a beautiful thing to be kept by GOD for the one He created specifically for you.

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Dennis Nette Wedding Weddings Wednesday and Wed, 27 Aug 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Tayana+Kendall Engagement/Marriage Monday On this "Marriage Monday" we feature soon to be married Tayana and Kendall. Through all of the madness going on in the world,this couple was able to steal a moment in time and reflect only on their love and them anticipating spending the rest of their lives together. We were honored to have captured these stolen moments of love and we look forward to shooting their wedding this December. Today's topic reflects on covering your entire family. Just as an umbrella shields you from the rain, the power of a praying spouse can shield you from the storms of life. Prayer and repentance provides a special protection and covering from The Lord that you need daily. As you pray you should be praying for the covering of your whole family as well as your spouse. Teach your children how to pray, what they see you do now will teach them one day what to do with their spouse and family. Through your prayers and perseverance you can provide a covering to your family for generations to come. On that note, be easy be blessed and -cover your family!

(The Price Approach Photography) Beautiful Engagement Marriage Monday Mondays Mon, 25 Aug 2014 13:10:00 GMT
Marriage Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Smith On this "Marriage Monday" we highlight Rod and Willeta Smith, together they have reached their first year anniversary and we would like to send our well wishes. We send blessings and happiness your way for a continuous prosperous marriage and many more anniversaries to come! Today we would like to focus on the topic the "Spirit of Python in Marriage". When we heard Jentezen Franklin eloquently present this sermon we were blown away by his many illustrations and comparisons to what we are witnessing today in our marriages. He illustrated how Satan has a sneaky plan in marriages and in families period to squeeze the life out of its very existence and to bring conflict and chaos abound. Imagine the body of a serpent, now imagine those coils wrapping around your love, your affection, your finances,  squeezing it out and replacing it with doubt, fear, mistrust and angst. We have to put of the whole armor of God to guard against these attacks from the enemy. " For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12. On that note we leave you with continued blessings for a prosperous week and do not leave your armor at home you need it to fight! Be Blessed!

(The Price Approach Photography) anniversary love marriage monday wedding Mon, 18 Aug 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Fall Sessions have Kicked Off... We had a great time with The Abrams Family this weekend!  They had such a beautiful family session, here's a sneak peek from their session on saturday. 


(The Price Approach Photography) deals fall sessions specials Mon, 18 Aug 2014 00:04:21 GMT
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(The Price Approach Photography) deals fall sessions specials Thu, 14 Aug 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Sneak Peek: From Saturday's Engagement Session To find love is a beautiful thing but to share a Coke with your soulmate is priceless!!!

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 engagement love Sun, 10 Aug 2014 13:45:00 GMT
Ode to the Bridesmaids... Ode to the Bridesmaids! 

Sometimes beautiful blushing brides can transform into Bridezillas! But there is a team of dedicated friends ready to what is necessary to make sure

her day comes off without a hitch! So heres to you Bride's maids in all of your brides maid Glory! You Rock!

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Beautiful Bridemaids photography wedding Wed, 06 Aug 2014 12:37:56 GMT
Sneak Peek: Dennis and Nette Happy Sunday!  GOD really sent HIS blessings to Mr. and Mrs. Gray on yesterday! We are honored to have taken part in witnessing this union, we are about to show a sneak peek of this beautiful ceremony but this only brushes the surface of what we captured on yesterday! Enjoy!

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Bridge Peek Sneak The Wedding photography Sun, 03 Aug 2014 13:52:40 GMT
Ms. Nialah's Here! {Marriage Monday 07/28/14} "For it was You who created my inward parts; You knit me together in my mother's womb."Psalm 139:13.

We had the privilege of photographing this beautiful couples engagement session, wedding, maternity shoot, and now their newborn session.

It is a very humbling experience to be entrusted to preserve such precious memories.  We are honored by Mr. and Mrs. Johnson in capturing all of their life events.  We feel like a part of the family being there as huge developments in their lives occur one shoot at a time.  We would like to congratulate them on their beautiful bundle of joy, little Miss Nialah!  As for "Marriage Monday" our topic is family prayer.  Do you take the time out of your busy day to give GOD honor and thanks for what HE has done with your spouse?  Or do you only come to GOD when there is a problem on the table?  GOD has to be the center of any marriage in order for the foundation to maintain.  We often fall into the trap of flowing into the monotony of the day when we should make it a every day occurrence of praying with your spouse and family.  As the old saying goes, "the family that prays together, stays together!"  Be Blessed until next time...

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Marriage Monday Newborn photography Mon, 28 Jul 2014 14:18:52 GMT
Now Booking 2015 Weddings! Want to get a taste of The Price Approach experience. We are still booking 2014 weddings. Contact us here about the remaining dates as well as our 2015 weddings dates..

Bonus: Choice of Engagement or Anniversary Session...

We Can't Wait To Tell Your Love Story... 

(The Price Approach Photography) Sat, 26 Jul 2014 12:14:05 GMT
Wedding Wednesday 07/23/14 On this "Wedding Wednesday", we highlight Mr. and Mrs. Culpepper. We love the infusion of color that they used in their decor and the bridal party, it brought a vibrance to this couple's lovely wedding day. We love to photograph gorgeous weddings, but we are even more thrilled to know that the couple is not just only focused on the wedding but the marriage as well. Today we would also like to speak about the art of dating your spouse, it is one of those key ways of keeping a long lasting marriage. As you walk down the aisle as husband and wife don't let that be the last time you enjoy each other. Set aside time to keep the spark hot! Start with a date night where you and your spouse have a night to yourselves to go out and date like you did before you got married. Like the old saying goes " You have to do what you did in the beginning to get them, to keep them"! And on that note good people, Have a Wonderful Wedding Wednesday and a Blessed rest of the Week! and don't forget to Date your Spouse!

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Birmingham photography wedding weddings wednesday Wed, 23 Jul 2014 11:53:00 GMT
Throwback with The Gray's On this "Throwback Thursday" we send this shout out to  a near dear friends, Shenetter Morris and Dennis Gray. It is very seldom these days that you encounter people who genuinely have your back and encourage you even when the way does not seem clear sometimes. Well these two do just that for us, we love them and we are glad that God allowed us to be apart of the master plan as he join these two beautiful souls together as one. "Nette and Dennis" you both are like sister and brother to us and we wish you a lifetime of blessings, love and God's unprecedented favor upon your household. We captured your engagement and cannot wait to capture this beautiful wedding in 2 weeks.. The countdown begins.......


(The Price Approach Photography) Birmingham engagement photography throwback Thu, 17 Jul 2014 12:29:37 GMT
Marriage Monday 07/14/14 On this "Marriage Monday", we highlight the Tunstalls. This session showed the solidity and sanctity of family within marriage. GOD is always the glue that binds families together and love is what sustains the union. Foundation is the key to a strong marriage. The foundation has to be built on the premise that GOD is the center of the family and during tough times the family has to be willing to trust and believe GOD. The Tunstalls exhibited a strong family foundation routed in a belief in GOD. We were able to interview Mrs. Tunstall about her views on her marriage and her response were as follows:


1. What are some things that you learned about marriage?  "During my three years of marriage I have learned so much. Something that has stuck out the most to me was Communication. Communication is the key to everything. If you don't communicate it makes things a whole lot harder."

2.What is some advice you would give someone getting married? " Always keep open communication with your spouse and never go to bed angry at one another. Always try to resolve the problem before going to bed that night, because tomorrow is not promised".

3.What are some of the great things you love about being married? " I love being married to my soulmate!, he completes me. He is definitely  GOD sent. He is the true definition of a great man. Having that life partner makes life even better"

We Thank Mrs. Tunstall and her beautiful family for gracing our blog and we wish them a lifetime of blessings and favor!

(The Price Approach Photography) Marriage Monday family love photography Mon, 14 Jul 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Wedding Wednesday 07/09/14 On this "Wedding Wednesday", we highlight Mr. and Mrs. Darrius Walker. Their wedding was a sacred ceremony that displayed the true chemistry that they have within each other. Being there to witness this blessed union was a pleasure, they show that they are invested in each other's love and we wish them endless years of joy and bliss. To add to our highlight our topic for today deals with

"I do and I give "*scroll below*

Most often people forget the " I Do" in marriage after the vow is stated. They anticipate the "wedding day" that they have made all of the necessary arrangements for. The details and arrangements of most of the weddings in question are very costly and sometimes sacrifice have to be made to make sure this day can be as perfect as possible for the couple. The wedding can range from a intimate setting to the most extravagant details and features. However, the question that plagues many through out the ages is, what details do couples ensure for a long lasting marriage?  Is the focus more on the event than the part about becoming one and spending the rest of your life with someone? Those are a few questions that many married people should ask themselves in a self inventory. When do you sacrifice "I do" for " I give", meaning , I have pledged my love to you before God and all of these witnesses and now I give you my love, my life and I sacrifice to my spouse my everything by surrendering and putting aside my own selfish needs. If we were to poll  a third of the married couples that we have encountered to date, I wonder how many can say they have sacrificed and surrendered 100% to their spouse. Marriage is hard work and sacrifice, married individuals have to die to their own selfish fleshly desires daily  to put their spouse first.  Besides, this is the person that You have told God that you wanted to join together with as one flesh to commit to for life. With that being said, is your marriage built on solid rock or drifting clay? 



(The Price Approach Photography) Wedding Wednesday photography Wed, 09 Jul 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Wedding Wednesday 07/02/14 On Wedding Wednesday we highlight Corey and Val Mott.  This couple exudes the light that God shines from within marriage.


Often times the primary focus is on the wedding and not on the marriage. Many young girls spend hours at a time engaged in play pretend of how magical their wedding will be. It is kind of predisposing the mind to focus on the wedding and the logistics surrounding the wedding, such as the dress, the wedding colors and theme.

However, who prepares little girls to be wives and who prepares boys to be husbands? This question is one that many people wonder but often fail to explore. We kind of use trial and error in working on our marriages and building continuously relationships with our spouse. Marriage takes first the genuine connectedness of that couple to each other being anchored by God. God is the orchestrator of marriage and He meant it to be "Good". Everything He did was good, God sought for man not to be alone so He created a help mate in woman. He made her in mans image from his ribs taken from his side, not from his feet so she is not beneath him not from his head, she is not above him but beside him to love, honor and cherish him; that's the meaning of marriage two souls joining together as one intertwined in time loving each other until there is no more life within them left. 


(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Alabama Birmingham Wedding Wednesday photography Wed, 02 Jul 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Marriage Monday 06/30/14 You may remember our featured couple from a previous session was absolutely stunning! The photo we captured gained lots of attention on social media and ended up bring featured in various media outlets and in print. Today on the blog our focus is families coming full circle. We love when God's plan for our lives and marriage come full circle, meaning marriage and the addition of new members. We bring to you today a snippet of the maternity shoot and baby shower that we captured this past weekend. This once beautiful bride is now a anticipating glowing mother. She and her husband have strengthened their union by adding a bundle of joy to their family.
We also interviewed her and asked a few questions regarding marriage which were: What is the best part about being married to your spouse? What advice would you give any newly married or wanting to get married ?
Kira: The best part to me about being married is knowing that you will spend the rest of your life with ur bestfriend.. The advice I will give is marriage is what you make it to be you can't compare your marriage to nobody else, never stop dating, this is the time where there are no more secrets to hold in communicate about the smallest things, never go to bed mad at your spouse because at the end they are really to help you ..encourage one another, and compliment each other as much.
We thank you Mr. and Mrs.Barbee for entrusting us with preserving the memories of your wedding and now your maternity shoot. We wish you the best and will share your advice on marriage with the world.
(The Price Approach Photography) Love Marriage Maternity Monday family Mon, 30 Jun 2014 13:05:00 GMT
Throwback Thursday (Down Memory Lane) This throwback Thursday is dedicated to the beautiful Mrs. Porsche Sumpter. She was poised and posed to perfection in this shot. Her classic beauty mixed well with the artistry of environment.

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Alabama Birmingham photography throwback thursday weddings Thu, 26 Jun 2014 13:15:00 GMT
The Wright's " Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table  " (Psalms 128:3) 

We are delighted to share with you the beautiful photo shoot of the Wright family. They exude the beauty of what a family epitomizes, the glow of the joy of the Lord.  This shoot took place on a beautiful sunny day in May and we had a great time photographing them and their chemistry with each other. We wish them a very prosperous and continuous joyful life together.

(The Price Approach Photography) Alabama Birmingham family love on-location photography Wed, 18 Jun 2014 12:25:47 GMT
Cheralynn+Darius Wedding Sneak Peek We are absolutely elated and proud to present to the world the images we captured on showing the beauty of love and devotion.  When two souls join together as one there is nothing so beautiful and sacred, we were blessed to have been witnesses of this extravagant exchange.  We would like to share with you some intimate moments and we would like to wish The Walkers a lifetime of Love and Joy!


(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Alabama Beautiful love photography weddings Tue, 10 Jun 2014 08:18:00 GMT
Beginning A New Life In You... "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I anointed you!" (Jeremiah 1:5)  From the first day we met the Johnson's their chemistry was undeniable. We were there wedding photographers and we knew then we would be around to capture more moments that they experience in this journey called life.  On a beautiful spring day we decided to take a stroll through the park and while strolling we captured the most beautiful scene that GOD could have ever painted.  Here are a few shots from a maternity shoot we did as we patiently await the arrival of little Ms. Nyla Howard.  They have what many search lifetimes for true love... Congratulations! Jessica and Howard


Here's a blast from the past...

Now to their beautiful maternity session...


(The Price Approach Photography) Birmingham love maternity photography Sun, 18 May 2014 23:00:00 GMT
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(The Price Approach Photography) Mon, 10 Feb 2014 04:34:59 GMT
Munaluchi Coterie Collection It is an honor and privilege for us to be featured inMunaluchi Bridal Magazine Coterie collection. We pride ourselves in exhibiting the best and we hope to continue to show love through our photography.

The Price Approach Photography


(The Price Approach Photography) Wed, 22 Jan 2014 02:27:38 GMT
Perfect Promotion for You! Just Got Engaged? Here's the Perfect Promotion for you. 


(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 brides engagement grooms love promotion weddings Thu, 09 Jan 2014 04:19:05 GMT
Happy New Year NewYear2014NewYear2014

(The Price Approach Photography) 2014 Alabama new photography year Wed, 01 Jan 2014 23:01:43 GMT
Goodbye 2013... See you soon 2014 We want to thank everyone who has supported The Price Approach Photography. 2014 and beyond we promise will be filled with Love and Joy! See You Soon in 2014!

The Price Approach 2013

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Birmingham love photography video weddings Wed, 01 Jan 2014 05:10:55 GMT
Vonnetta+Cornelius| Mountain View Gardens & Ballroom Wedding We won't give you a drawn out narrative about this wedding. We will allow this couple's beautiful pictures tell the story. 


DSC_8118DSC_8118 DSC_8100DSC_8100 DSC_8107DSC_8107 netta_neilblog3-1netta_neilblog3-1 netta_neilblog3-2netta_neilblog3-2 DSC_1681DSC_1681 DSC_1684DSC_1684 netta+neilblog1-1netta+neilblog1-1 DSC_1698DSC_1698 netta+neilblog2-4netta+neilblog2-4 netta+neilblog2-2netta+neilblog2-2 DSC_8221DSC_8221 DSC_8179DSC_8179 DSC_8173DSC_8173 DSC_8621DSC_8621 DSC_8423DSC_8423 DSC_8433DSC_8433

netta+neilblog2-3netta+neilblog2-3 DSC_8474DSC_8474 DSC_8498DSC_8498 DSC_8502DSC_8502 DSC_8532DSC_8532 DSC_8554DSC_8554 DSC_8571DSC_8571 DSC_8600DSC_8600 netta+neilblog1-3netta+neilblog1-3

nettaandneil5nettaandneil5 DSC_8583DSC_8583 netta+neilblog1-2netta+neilblog1-2 DSC_8635DSC_8635 DSC_8634DSC_8634 netta+neilblog1-4netta+neilblog1-4 netta+neilblog1-5netta+neilblog1-5 DSC_8732DSC_8732 netta+neilblog1-6netta+neilblog1-6 netta+neilblog1-7netta+neilblog1-7

DSC_8834DSC_8834 netta+neilblog2-5netta+neilblog2-5

(The Price Approach Photography) & 2013 Alabama Ballroom Beautiful Gardens Mountain View fall love weddings Mon, 18 Nov 2013 00:45:00 GMT
BLACK FRIDAY Holiday Sessions NOW AVAILABLE! We know it's early but we are so happy to release our BLACK FRIDAY Holiday Mini Sessions as well as Senior/Graduation Sessions. What a GREAT way to start the holiday season right! These great deals are $79.00 for Black Friday Mini Sessions and Senior/Graduation Sessions are $99.00 with tax.  We will only be offering this special for purchase NOW through December 2nd. Once you have purchased our Black Friday Holiday Mini special, you may redeem it at anytime.{If you purchase today, this offer can be used even a year from now.} But if you purchase our Senior/Graduation Session this purchase must be redeemed by March/April of 2014.  Our Black Friday Mini Sessions special excludes: weddings, engagements, and special events(showers,parties,etc). All sessions will take place in the Greater Birmingham/Jefferson County area.  Under our flyer is the link to purchase.                      

BlackFriSeniorSessionsBlackFriSeniorSessions BlackFridayMiniSessionsBlackFridayMiniSessions

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Birmingham graduation minis photography promo seniors sessions Mon, 04 Nov 2013 01:00:00 GMT
Here Comes Jaxson|Keri+Jay Maternity Session  

We had so much fun with our good friends Keri and Jay at their first maternity session with us. We can't wait to meet Jaxson. Here are a few sneak peeks from their maternity session. 


DSC_8865DSC_8865 DSC_8888DSC_8888 DSC_8898DSC_8898



(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Birmingham autumn fall love maternity on-location photography Wed, 30 Oct 2013 04:14:16 GMT
Shardae+Rollin| Samford Love We started a pretty day photographing Shardae and Rollin at Regions Park for their engagement session. A little history about these two. They met while both attending U.A.B(University of Alabama At Birmingham). While attending the same school for two years, Shardae and Rollin met in the Hill University Center on campus. One conversation led to another and the rest is now history. Chemistry with these two says a lot. We can't wait to photograph their wedding this coming April 2014. 












(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Love Park Regions Samford engagement on-location photography Fri, 18 Oct 2013 03:50:21 GMT
Just In Time "Autumn Sessions Are Here...." With the Beauty of this season it needed it's on session. Here's our current promotion...


Autumn SessionAutumn Session

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Autumn Sessions

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Birmingham fall mini on-location photography sessions Sat, 05 Oct 2013 07:16:29 GMT
Courtney+Lee Wedding When we first spoke with Courtney and Lee two things stuck out about this awesome couple. At the time they were expecting the arrival of a beautiful baby girl and second they were getting married on, Sept 1st. The location of the wedding was  at the gorgeous Gabrella ManorWe were excited about their beautiful maternity photos<---(Click to view).  From the arrangements, decorations, to her beautiful dress and let's not forget a very beautiful day this wedding was truly one for the Price Approach history books. Their wedding should be in Ebony, Munaluchi, or the Knot magazine. Don't you agree?

DSC_0876DSC_0876 DSC_0882DSC_0882

DSC_0902DSC_0902 DSC_0892DSC_0892 Courtney+Lee-1Courtney+Lee-1 Courtney+Lee-2Courtney+Lee-2 DSC_4723DSC_4723 Courtney+Lee-4Courtney+Lee-4 Courtney+Lee-15Courtney+Lee-15 DSC_4786DSC_4786 DSC_4814DSC_4814 Courtney+Lee-5Courtney+Lee-5 Courtney+Lee-6Courtney+Lee-6 Courtney+Lee-7Courtney+Lee-7 Courtney+Lee-8Courtney+Lee-8 Courtney+Lee-16Courtney+Lee-16 Courtney+Lee-17Courtney+Lee-17 DSC_4925DSC_4925 DSC_4928DSC_4928 DSC_4934DSC_4934 DSC_4948DSC_4948 DSC_4960DSC_4960 DSC_4952DSC_4952 DSC_4968DSC_4968 DSC_5048DSC_5048 DSC_5031DSC_5031 Courtney+Lee-13Courtney+Lee-13 Courtney+Lee-14Courtney+Lee-14 Courtney+Lee-12Courtney+Lee-12 DSC_5064DSC_5064 Courtney+Lee-10Courtney+Lee-10 DSC_5052DSC_5052 Courtney+Lee-3Courtney+Lee-3 Courtney+Lee-11Courtney+Lee-11 Courtney+Lee-9Courtney+Lee-9 DSC_5073DSC_5073 DSC_5090DSC_5090 DSC_5091DSC_5091 DSC_5220DSC_5220 DSC_5221DSC_5221 DSC_5160DSC_5160 DSC_5180DSC_5180

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Birmingham Gabrella Manor beautiful love photography weddings Wed, 25 Sep 2013 01:01:12 GMT
Tyler Here's a preview from Tyler's great session. 

jasmine agnew-1jasmine agnew-1

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Birmingham children on-location photography Mon, 16 Sep 2013 00:00:00 GMT
Beautiful Chemistry: Willetta + Rod Here's a few beautiful selection's from Willetta and Rod's wedding. Enjoy.




(The Price Approach Photography) Alabama Beautiful Birmingham love photography weddings Tue, 03 Sep 2013 23:15:00 GMT
Sneak Peek: Courtney+Lee Wedding Courtney and Lee's wedding was so beautiful at Gabrella Manor , we had to show a sneak peek. Here's a collage of their wonderful wedding. More to come soon!!!


(The Price Approach Photography) Mon, 02 Sep 2013 21:57:00 GMT
A Couple of Forevers... Tamika+Julius Wedding I remember when we first met Tamika. She had just flown down from Virginia for the weekend to meet with us and some other  vendors as well to finalize plans for her wedding. We decided since it was a beautiful day we would meet at Railroad Park to discuss plans for her wedding. When she begin to speak about her wedding, honestly visions of this event had begun to hit us hard. I quote "This is going to be major!" She gave us detail after detail of how she wanted everything. Once she told us her wedding ceremony would take place at Woodrow Hall , we knew this would be a event to go down in The Price Approach history books.

Months had gone by, we kept in contact. She gave us more details of different poses, ideas, and what were must-haves for her wedding date. Sunday June 23, 2013 the  big day finally came. The day was just beautiful. We enjoyed pre wedding shots of the bride and groom. 


tamikajuilusblog-6 tamikajuilusblog-7 tamikajuilusblog-9 Here's the beautiful letter Julius wrote Tamika before the wedding...

tamikajuilusblog-10 The gift. Tamika made sure Julius received his gift before their ceremony. Only if she was able to see the expression on his face once he opened it.

tamikajuilusblog-8 tamikajuilusblog-14 tamikajuilusblog-1 tamikajuilusblog-3 tamikajuilusblog-2 juliusnewblog2 The chemistry between these two are unmatched. We appreciate the opportunity to show the love that radiates from this couple.


juluisnewblog3 juliusblognew tamikajuilusblog-16 tamikajuilusblog-4 tamikajuilusblog-11 tamikajuilusblog-15 tamikajuilusblog-5


tamikajuilusblog-13 Julius+ Tamika ended their night with a ride in this nice classic Rolls Royce. Here are some teases from their departure. 


(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Hall Woodrow love photography wedding weddings Mon, 08 Jul 2013 00:00:00 GMT
Lawson State: Ground-Breaking Ceremony It was truly a honor and privilege to partake in this special occasion.  On June 12, Lawson State Community College celebrated a ground breaking ceremony for their new culinary art wing. The mayor, city council, board members, state reps, and etc were also in attendance. We want to thank Lawson State for allowing us the opportunity to share this special moment with them. Here are a few collages from the event. Enjoy! 

groundbreaking-1 groundbreaking1-1 gb1-1

(The Price Approach Photography) Thu, 20 Jun 2013 03:57:58 GMT
Danielle Danielle was such much fun. We had to show you a collage from her most recent session. Enjoy!


(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham babies on-location photography summer Wed, 05 Jun 2013 03:28:13 GMT
TaShara| Enjoying A Beautiful Day It's really starting to feel a lot like summer time.  Not just because of the heat, but the true definition of how nature has started to bloom. With that being said, most recent had a lot of fun on this past saturday with TaShara and her son. We have been trying since April to schedule a session. If it wasn't either weather or conflict of schedule, we would never be able to set a date or time. But we are so excited to finally been able to photograph her and her son. Her pictures were beautiful. Here are two sneak collages from her session. Hope you enjoy!


tasharablog-3 tasharablog-2

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham family mother on-location photography son summer Mon, 03 Jun 2013 04:36:40 GMT
Get Ready for Mini Sessions  They say a picture is worth a thousand words....Well we've narrowed it down to three: The Price Approach...

Mini Session Special includes bonus of 5 Digital Files!To pay for your session, Click the tab below..


flyer-1 copy


(The Price Approach Photography) Thu, 23 May 2013 04:29:17 GMT
Zandria: The Image of a testimony We are so excited to show a few photo's from Ms. Zandria Senior Session on this past weekend. This young gifted lady has a testimony that the world needs to hear. Blessed beyond measures with a true anointing behind her. We are so excited for her, she will be graduating from high school on this week. Sky's are truly the limit for her. 

zandriablog-2 Zandria-31 copy zandriablog-3


(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Birmingham graduation on-location photography senior Tue, 21 May 2013 05:45:18 GMT
Elena+Deron: Family Fun I love it when I am editing photos and I see so much joy and chemistry. Here are a few sneak peeks from Elena and Deron photo session. Back to editing we go....

Elena+Deron-42 copy


Elena+Deron-57 copy

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Spring family love on-location photography Wed, 15 May 2013 07:35:44 GMT
A Great Deal Just For You Just got Engaged? Celebrating your Anniversary? Allow us to capture the moments that matters the most. Here's a Great Deal just for You! 

Click Here to schedule yours!


(The Price Approach Photography) Sat, 11 May 2013 17:40:43 GMT
Rick+Cadeshia: Blessed  

To Glory be to GOD. We had the honor and privilege of photographing a powerful and anointed couple. As you can tell, the light of glory that shines through them exudes into their photos. We are so excited about their new ministry and the gift of GOD they are sharing to the world. 18 years of marriage never looked so good. Here are a few samples from their session.. Enjoy!


samuels1-1 DSC_0959

DSC_0897 DSC_0879 DSC_0994

(The Price Approach Photography) Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Spring love on-location photography Mon, 06 May 2013 16:23:03 GMT
Courtney+Lee: A New Arrival This is one maternity session we can say, we are very excited to show. Courtney and Lee and expecting a beautiful baby girl in June of this year. These two I am happy to say were willing to try different shots. We can't wait also until September 1 when we have the privilege of photographing their wedding. Here's a sneak peek from their maternity/family session. Enjoy!


DSC_0777 DSC_0828



(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Spring babies engagement motherood photography weddings Tue, 30 Apr 2013 11:29:44 GMT
Class of 2013 We are so happy for our graduating class of 2013. Here is a sneak peek from our graduating senior. Enjoy!


(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Spring graduates graduation on-location photography Mon, 29 Apr 2013 02:51:57 GMT
Willetta+Rod: Love at first sight We had so much fun with Willetta and Rod during their engagement session on this past weekend. A little history about this couple. The chemistry and love they have for one another is awesome. They actually met when they were in middle school. We even got a chance to rekindle the moment of when they met there. We can't wait to photograph this couple's wedding coming soon. M.U.A: D. Shipman (Beauty Barr). Here are a few sneak peeks from their e-session. Enjoy!DSC_0308

DSC_0345 rodandwilletta-2 DSC_0392 DSC_0312 copy DSC_0524 DSC_0441 DSC_0505 DSC_0348

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Spring engagement love on-location photography Thu, 25 Apr 2013 04:08:52 GMT
Faith+Believing: Ms. Zandria This young lady, I can say has a testimony behind her. Her faith in GOD is something like I never seen before. She exhibits the meaning behind speaking life and believing. We had a blast taking her photo's. She will be graduating from Hoover High School on May 22nd and plan's to attend Jacksonville State University this fall. Here is a sneak peek from her session!


(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Spring graduation on-location photography Tue, 23 Apr 2013 01:36:06 GMT
The joy of being a Senior This past Saturday, we had the privilege of photographing this very pretty Senior. She will be graduating very soon from Vestavia Hills High School. We had to show you a few sneak peeks from her great photo session. Hope you enjoy!

DSC_9998 seniorpic-3 DSC_9955 DSC_9943 DSC_9928 DSC_9980 blog20-4

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Senior on-location photography Tue, 16 Apr 2013 04:38:35 GMT
Prom 2013 The Price Approach Way We are so excited about this year's prom season. It actually takes us down memory lane (been a long time lol). We hope you enjoy the collage and photos from Jessica's Senior Prom on this past weekend. 

DSC_0073 jessicablog-3 DSC_0063 DSC_0100

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Spring on-location photography prom Mon, 15 Apr 2013 02:06:53 GMT
Fabulous Mixed With Style We had fun with Brittney on this past weekend. A little history about her, she's currently achieving her dreams by setting out to receive her degree in law from the University of Alabama "Roll Tide".  Also she's a member of the beautiful ladies of A.K.A. I must admit she was awesome to work with. We wanted to show you a few photos and a collage from her session. Make up Artist: Beauty Barr.  Hope you enjoy!
DSC_9685 copy DSC_9676 DSC_9694 DSC_9720 copy brittany-3 DSC_9735 copy

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Spring groupon on-location photography Thu, 11 Apr 2013 03:18:26 GMT
Graduation Season for The Price Approach We are so happy for our upcoming seniors. We wanted to share a tease from one of our past weekend sessions with LaDarius. Congratulations to him on the milestone he is taking.  



(The Price Approach Photography) Tue, 09 Apr 2013 04:13:24 GMT
Brandon+Tanisha: The Coming of A Blessing We are so excited and elated that a bundle of joy will become a new addition to this awesome couple. We had so much fun with this couple. The photos say it all. The word Chemistry comes to mind when we photographed their session. This couple is vibrant, excited, and ready to love their new blessing. 

DSC_9575 DSC_9576 tbblog-2 DSC_9590 DSC_9581 copy DSC_9583

(The Price Approach Photography) Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Spring babies love maternity on-location photography Wed, 03 Apr 2013 03:30:31 GMT
Beautiful Wedding in the Park We are so elated for this beautiful couple. Their wedding had to have been on one of the most beautiful spring day's of this month. From the temperature to the bride's dress was just great! This couple, we must admit complete one another. We are so excited to show you a few samples from their wedding day. Enjoy....

ydennisblog-2 DSC_9128 DSC_9146 DSC_9158 DSC_9095 DSC_9249 ydennisblog-3

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Beautiful Birmingham Spring photography weddings Mon, 01 Apr 2013 00:05:10 GMT
Love At The Botanical Gardens: Raphel+Porsche's Wedding Day We had the privilege of photographing a very beautiful wedding on this past Saturday. The weather-man predict rain showers all day with a 70% chance. We are so happy the rain held off for our client. We hope you enjoy these collages of our clients beautiful botanical wedding. 

porschetease-2 porscheblog-2 porscheblog-3 porscheblog-4 porscheblog-5 pblog1-2 porschesneak2-2

(The Price Approach Photography) 2013 Alabama Birmingham Botanical Gardens Spring photography weddings Wed, 27 Mar 2013 03:25:45 GMT
Easter is less than a week away We are so excited about Easter holiday. We wanted to show this beautiful collage of Aubri's Easter session from a week ago. Hope you enjoy!


(The Price Approach Photography) Alabama Birmingham Botanical Gardens Spring babies on-location photography Tue, 26 Mar 2013 01:57:27 GMT
We have Georgia on Our Mind:Chris+Quachetta Engagement We have Georgia on our mind right now... We're so excited to have the privilege of photographing this lovely couple's wedding coming soon... This beautiful couple made a special trip to our city, to have us take their engagement photos. Boy, did we have a blast! From the studio all the way to the streets of Birmingham; just pure fun! Here are some photos from the great time we had photographing their engagement session. Hope you enjoy!

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Easter is Almost Here Easter will be here very soon. Actually 1 week from now. With that being said, we would like to show you some of our cute little clients that we had the privilege of photographing with our bunnies. Yes, we did say bunnies! Here's a sneak peek into our sessions. We Hope you enjoy!

brodycollage-2 Sneakpeek

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Spring Here We Come This past weekend we can say we enjoyed everyone of our clients we had the opportunity of photographing. Not enough words to explain, but we will say it was so much fun. We hope you enjoy some sample of photos from our past weekend.

aliciadee-2 mike&sam gigiandsteve-6

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COLD Day for A Wedding: Howard+Jessica Wedding We are so excited to show off this beautiful wedding from the beginning of this month. Howard and Jessica are simply meant for one another. Here are some great teases from their wedding. Enjoy!newblog-10 newblog-9 newblog-11 newblog-12 newblog-13 newblog-14 jhcollage-2 newblog-15

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Beautiful No Matter What!


We wanted to give you all a sneak peek into a Great Session we had today. Ms. Shuanta was a joy to work with. Her shots came out so beautiful. Her photos came out so beautiful. "Even though it had to be every bit of 39 degrees outside." But she still showed her skills off for our camera. Big Thanks to Beauty Barr for the Great work on our client's make up. We Hope You Enjoy!  

shuanta1 Shuanta -2



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